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The Underground Philosopher - Narrative Feature Film - Screenwriter
Essie, a disadvantaged, yet gifted black girl discovers an enchanted message board on the London Underground. Is it really magic or is it just her delusion?

Island Flames (working title) - Narrative Feature Film - Screenwriter
Lois, a social justice warrior, fights for the lives of two men facing the death penalty for the murder of the Governor in a British colony. The decision to hang the men sparks riots which will forever change the social fabric of the small island.

The Magic of Mezcal (working title) - Feature Length Documentary - Producer & Storywriter
A documentary, visually influenced by surrealist artists, tracks the history and evolution of the art of mezcal production over hundreds of years. 

Isle of Devils - Narrative Short Film - Actor & Producer
A Portuguese sailor is shipwrecked on an uninhabited island and must battle nature’s elements, along with his own breaking sanity, in order to survive.

The Praised One - Narrative Feature Film - Screenwriter
Four siblings find a broken piano, only to discover a prodigy lives amongst them. 

The 19% - One Woman Play - Actor & Playwright
A play about bipolar disorder, alcoholism and the tragic and comedic journey from diagnosis to acceptance.

Disconnected - One-Act Play - Actor & Playwright

Layla’s internet provider, phone company and electricity company refuse to work together to fix her connection. Out of overwhelming frustration, she plots to bring them down. A play about how the more we seek connection, the less we can communicate.



Cancer of the Spirit : A Memoir

Thirty essays with thirty themes, this book chronicles the lives of a multi-ethnic young woman and her charismatic, yet complicated, politician father and their respective paths to redemption.

Tall Tales from a Small Island : A Bermudian collection of short stories with a tall-tale twist


The Year of Wonder and Light : a young adult novel 

17-year-old Simone is trying to ignore her birthday. A year previously, Simone’s dad committed suicide. After 365 days of grief, she sets off for 365 days of adventure; to experience everything the world offers. Every day for one year, but for only one year. This is her Year of Wonder and Light. And on her 18th birthday, her life will end.

Legacy of Deceit : crime thriller novel

A ​tale of politics and revenge set against a colonial island backdrop.

The Little Cottage : children's book

"The five oceans of the world have many a tale to tell. Tales of pirates and shipwrecks and islands lost in time. Eager explorers sailed the Sargasso Sea to search for long lost lands. This, however, is not a story of swashbuckling savages or crashing crafts or dangerous disappearances. It is simply the story of a little cottage on a little island." 

The Year of Celebration: A Manic Depressive's Guide to Life : blog

"Grief and depression was the launch pad for The Year of Celebration. I needed to find something to keep me going. If I had a reason, a purpose, an obligation to celebrate every day, I’d have to, wouldn’t I?"