: Liana's Story :

Liana Hall is an Bermudian-British-Malaysian actor, writer, producer, designer and multi-disciplinary human who wanders the world in search of the magic of life.


Liana qualified as an attorney before attending the renowned Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in Manhattan. She then joined the conservatory class and company at T. Schreiber Studio. It was at these Manhattan institutions that she honed her performance skills. 

Her theatrical career swiftly expanded further into the arts. As with many wordsmiths, she stumbled upon writing to deal with hardship. Her blog, The Year of Celebration: A Manic-Depressive's Guide to Life, began as a method to celebrate life one day at a time, but along the way she became a mental health advocate. She now writes for film companies, newspapers and magazines. Other work includes novels, a memoir, children's books, screenplays and short stories. This has expanded to include narrative and documentary film production. View her PROJECTS to see what she's up to.

Liana is also a two-time recipient of the Bermuda Arts Council grant for acting and the winner of the Bermuda Cultural Legacy Fund Award for screenwriting.


Despite being a nomad with a fierce wanderlust, the trade winds of the Atlantic frequently guide her back to Bermuda. The restless spirit of the “Isle of Devils” remains with her always, no matter where she strays.